Berres Brothers Renews Partnership with Rainbow: Releases New Coffee Bag Flavor

Rainbow Community Care Team
April 26, 2021 / 5 mins read
Berres Brothers Renews Partnership with Rainbow: Releases New Coffee Bag Flavor

Following the success of Rainbow Hospice Care’s 30th anniversary Rainbow Blend coffee last year, Rainbow and Berres Brothers Coffee have teamed up once again to create a private label of coffee for 2021.

“When we first discussed doing a private label coffee for Rainbow Hospice I was a little skeptical about how it would do but was very excited to try,” said Pete Berres, Owner and President of Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters. “We did receive a lot of online orders from the Rainbow Hospice donor/volunteer list. We also had many of our regular customers add a bag or two onto their regular orders which also helped. The Rainbow coffee also sold well in our Cafe and coffee retail area. We were very pleased with the sales of the Rainbow Hospice coffee.”

Last year’s bag design coincided with Rainbow’s 30th anniversary and its 30-for-30 campaign that promoted the importance of volunteerism in one’s community.

Artwork for the new bag features Rainbow Hospice Care’s Inpatient Center (IPC) in Johnson Creek, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2021, and promotes the extraordinary care its staff has provided there over the past decade. The flavor is a heart and soul blend of a smooth medium roast coffee.

The inpatient center holds a special place in the heart of Pete Berres. Years ago one of his good friends spent his final days at the IPC. When Berres went to visit him, he was impressed with the atmosphere and quality of care that his friend received.

“I remember how nice the facility was for visiting and how it made such an unpleasant situation much more pleasant,” Berres said. “I thought about volunteering at the facility but I was pressed for time with a young family so I was very happy to have Berres Brothers Coffee become a corporate partner with Rainbow Hospice. I thought it was a great way to help encourage support in our community for Rainbow Hospice.”

Customers will once again have the opportunity to enjoy a steaming hot cup of coffee from the comforts of their own home, as it will be offered online on Berres Brothers’ website, as well as for purchase in the Berres Brothers Café, and in their retail store. There is also a possibility down the road that Rainbow’s new flavor will appear on shelves in local grocery stores.

“I’m sure we will have some success in getting this into the stores but have not had any formal commitments yet,” Berres said. “We are looking at offering this as a seasonal coffee in the grocery stores and want to make sure that we give it the best exposure we can to improve the sales.”

30 percent of all the purchases of the heart and soul blend will benefit Rainbow Hospice Care. In January, Pete Berres, Owner/President of Berres Brothers dropped off a $2,000 check to Rainbow Hospice Care President/CEO Karen Carrig. A total of 895 bags were sold from last year’s Rainbow Blend promotion.

“We are excited to do another private label for Rainbow Hospice and anticipate even better success for the Rainbow Hospice Coffee,” Berres said.