Kressins Celebrate 60 years at Rainbow Hospice Care Inpatient Center

Rainbow Community Care Team
June 12, 2020 / 5 mins read
Kressins Celebrate 60 years at Rainbow Hospice Care Inpatient Center

The halls may have been quiet at Rainbow Hospice Care’ Inpatient Center Thursday afternoon, but inside one of the rooms, there was a celebration of a rare milestone.

Patient Richard (Dick) Kressin and his wife Sally were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.

They met in Dubuque, Iowa and each ended up becoming teachers. Richard taught in Jefferson and Sally in Johnson Creek. Together they raised four children and now have five granddaughters and one great-grandson.

Boden, just one and a half years old, was able to come for a visit recently to see his Great-Grandpa.

On Thursday, The happy couple got to share the moment with their daughter Patti who came with her Mom to see her Dad. It’s hard for each of them to pinpoint one specific reason or secret formula for 60 happy years of marriage.

“We just took it year by year and all of a sudden we were there,” Richard said.

Rainbow’s Admission and Palliative Care Manager Tracy Hildebrandt wanted to do something for a family that has a special place in her heart. She brought in some flowers for Richard to give to his wife and IPC Chef Sarah Baechle whipped up some lemon cupcakes for the family.

“I grew up in Lake Mills with this family, so it is an honor to be able to do this for them on this very special day,” Tracy said.