Rainbow Holds Annual Memorial Service at Inpatient Center

Rainbow Community Care Team
May 2, 2023 / 5 mins read

Thank you for joining us for Rainbow Hospice Care’s annual memorial service on Saturday morning, April 22nd at our inpatient center in Johnson Creek. We hope you found our time together beneficial as we had an opportunity to reflect, honor, and remember our loved ones who passed away under Rainbow’s services over the past year. We also found comfort and support in one another as we listened to several special memories and stories and enjoyed some heartwarming readings and music.

If you couldn’t attend, please check out Rainbow’s virtual memorial service on our YouTube channel at https://bit.ly/RainbowHC.

“The purpose of the memorial service was not only to honor those who had died, but also to honor those who live and grieve for their loved ones,” said Rainbow Chaplain/Bereavement Counselor, Laura Wessels. “Each family or friend was invited to share a story of their loved one and we heard stories of champion tennis players, great bakers, long and loving marriages, and even one about a mom who tap danced in the kitchen. Each story was a reminder of how those who continue to live and remember their loved ones are “Living Stones,” testifying every day to the life and impact of their loved ones.