Rainbow Hospice Care Holds Annual In-Person Memorial Service for First Time in Three Years

Rainbow Community Care Team
May 16, 2022 / 5 mins read

Rainbow Hospice Care held its annual memorial service on Saturday morning, May 14th at the Johnson Creek Community Center. It was Rainbow’s in-person memorial service gathering since 2019, and gave everyone had an opportunity to reflect, honor, and remember our loved ones who passed away under Rainbow’s services over the past year. We also found comfort and support in one another as we listened to several special memories and stories and heard some heart-warming readings, prayers, and music.

“We are the rememberers. We are the ones left behind to keep the one who’s gone from us alive in heart and mind,” said Rainbow Hospice Care Bereavement Coordinator, Laura Wessels. “This is a quote one of my Morning Joe grief support group participants brought to group to share. The relationship of memory with your loved one who has died is what remains. Keeping your person’s memory fresh is a way to make meaning of your life as you grieve for your loved one. These are the reasons for our annual memorial service, to remember the people we will always love.”