Rainbow's President/CEO Karen Carrig Retires After 27 Years of Service

Rainbow Community Care Team
April 1, 2024 / 5 mins read

Karen Carrig

Karen Carrig began her tenure as Rainbow's President/CEO in 1997.

Rainbow Community Care announces the retirement of Karen Carrig after 27 years as President/CEO. Even though Carrig says it is bittersweet to be retiring from her role as Rainbow Community Care’s President/CEO, she will continue to remain involved in the organization. Carrig will now serve as President of the Rainbow Hospice Foundation and will assist with all fundraising efforts and donor relations.

As Carrig’s leadership role comes to an end, she reflects on Rainbow’s humble beginnings. When she first started in the late 90s, Rainbow only served nine patients a day and since then has become a respected leader in end-of-life care in rural southern Wisconsin with an average daily census of over 300 patients in its hospice and palliative care programs.

“This has been the greatest privilege of my life to serve with such a dedicated staff, board, and volunteers,” said Carrig.

Rainbow did not have to look far for Carrig’s successor. The Rainbow Hospice Care Board of Directors has selected Carol Brown as the next President/CEO. With her experience spanning over two decades at Rainbow, Brown is poised to lead the organization into the future. Carol’s tenure at Rainbow began in 2002 as a Registered Nurse Case Manager and since that time she has held an extensive list of positions, including Admissions Nurse, Inpatient Center Manager, Director of Program Integrity, Patient Care Coordinator, Vice President of Quality and Clinical Operations, and most recently Chief Operating Officer.

Carol Brown

Rainbow Community Care has named Carol Brown as its next President/CEO.

Carrig cannot think of a better person than Brown to take over her role and knows the organization will be in great hands.

“I already know Carol has all the skills, knowledge, and qualities necessary to succeed in the job, plus an incredible amount of integrity that will serve her and our communities well,” Carrig said. “She is committed to delivering quality patient care, making our staff feel valued, and acknowledging our volunteers. She will do an excellent job because she is already so embedded in the culture and helped create the culture in the organization.”

“Each role has provided me with invaluable experience,” said Brown. “While working with our patients and their families, I found a real love for hospice. Having some of my own family members on hospice over the years is what really motivated me to be a leader who helps shape the type of care we provide. My leadership roles gave me foundational knowledge in strategic planning, leadership development, regulatory compliance, and fostering community partnerships, all of which have prepared me to lead this wonderful non-profit organization as President/CEO.”

Over the years, developing and nurturing relationships with care partners working in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other community groups and organizations has helped Rainbow improve the way they serve patients and families. Both Carrig and Brown expect that to continue.

“We are all guided by a mutual vision to improve the lives of our neighbors and friends,” Carrig said. “People we live with, work with, go to church with, and see in the grocery store – these are the folks we care for. We built our inpatient center in Johnson Creek because we knew its presence would help us care for more and more vulnerable people in the communities we serve.”

“Over time, an understanding of what constitutes good end-of-life care in this rural part of the state has evolved by prioritizing personalized care plans, enhancing communication between healthcare providers and patients/families, and increasing access to supportive services,” Brown said. “Rainbow Community Care has played a pivotal role in driving these changes through community education initiatives and the development of innovative care programs.”

Adding new service line offerings and programs has helped Rainbow evolve and Brown thinks that mindset is key to long-term survival in the ever-changing landscape of American healthcare.

“What sets Rainbow apart is its unwavering commitment to providing compassionate and personalized care that is supported by a dedicated team of professionals and strong community partnerships,” Brown said. “To remain competitive and a leader in hospice, palliative, and guided care well into the future, we must continue to innovate and adapt to meet the changing needs of our patients while staying true to our core values of dignity, respect, and quality.”

Carrig’s leadership and guidance have been an inspiration and comfort to Brown, who took over the duties of Rainbow’s President in January.

“Karen has provided me with immeasurable and invaluable advice throughout my career,” Brown said. “She emphasizes the importance of strong leadership, community service, continuous learning, and prioritizing patient-centered care. Her guidance has been instrumental in navigating complex challenges and driving our success. She will be greatly missed.”